Hair Removal

Hair Removal

At Sofifi, we provide the most advanced technology laser hair removal which can ensure you a long term result. It is safe, fast, effective and less painful permanent hair removal. Due to the hair growth cycle, we will provide you the most suitable treatment solutions.

Treatment theory 

808nm wavelength effectively penetrates deep into dermis and absorbed by the target chromophore. The adequate pulse duration, energy density and epidermal cooling ensure an adequate thermal damage to the target tissue without damaging the surrounding tissue to achieve effective permanent hair removal.

What is permanent hair removal guarantee?

For the permanent hair removal, we promise an at least 99% reduction for your unwanted hair at the end of the treatment. During the guarantee period which is 12 months, if you are not satisfied with the result, we will provide you up to 4 sessions for free.For the red, grey, white and blonde hairs, may be harder to remove and may not be able to remove.


  1. Treat all skin types including tanned skin.
  2. Big spot size, safe, less painful and fast treatment.
  3. Suitable for all kinds of hair, widely regarded as “Gold Standard” for hair removal:  permanent hair removal
  4. It is the product suggested by AS medical institution5. Sapphire semiconductor contact surface cooling system
  5. Professional and Intelligent operation system, parameters can be saved


Is it safe? Our staff undergoes vigorous training in laser safety before they can treat clients unsupervised. The Cosmetic Clinic staff work under strict guidelines. While some patients feel no pain during laser, others experience a mild discomfort. Advise your practitioner if you are in pain and they will adjust the laser accordingly or provide relief.If you are planning laser hair removal, always ensure the practitioner’s equipment is approved by any government regulatory bodies.

Skill & Qualification Before our staff are able to treat clients, they undergo vigorous training in laser safety and have to complete a specified amount of training hours before they can work unsupervised.

Permanent Hair Removal?No laser clinic can claim 100% permanency, as some hair will always strive to grow back.  Re-growth is affected by hormones and other biological factors which vary from person to person.

Laser hair removal on teenagers may often require re-treatment in later years but most teenagers still feel they have had significant benefit despite this. Where re growth occurs the hair is usually much finer than the original growth and can be maintained with one treatment every six months.

Pre and Post Care

How can I prepare?

We cannot treat you if you have had sun exposure within two weeks of your laser hair removal treatment and you must skip the spray tan; laser will sizzle any pigment on your skin including spray tanning products. We can arrange your treatment on the day of your consultation, so shave the night before, but do not use wax or depilatory creams for two weeks prior to treatment. Finally we cannot treat you if you have had the sun-tanning Vitamin A injections within the last six months.

First appointment:

Before your first treatment you will need a short 15 minute consultation with one of our technicians. This is needed to assess your skin and hair type, assess your suitability for treatment and discuss how to prep your skin for the best possible result.

Do not wax, shave or use depilatory creams beforehand.

What should I do post-treatment?

During the next month, the hair will fall out gradually. The timing of your treatments dramatically influences the outcome due to hair growth patterns, thus we suggest you book a course of laser hair removal treatments rather than sporadic appointments. Treatments should be every 4-6 weeks but your therapist will advise you according to your hair and skin type.

Treated areas may appear “sunburnt” after treatment; Institut Laser Aid (post laser treatment) and cold compresses will ease discomfort and swelling. Avoid applying makeup to the area in the unlikely event of blistering and stay out of the sun, using sunscreen on the treated area to prevent discoloration or sunburn. Remember your skin will be sensitive to the sun for 48 hours after treatment.

Getting the best results

Do not wax or use depilatory creams for 2 weeks before your laser hair removal treatment. You can shave up to the day before your treatment. Timing of your treatments will dramatically influences the outcome, so we recommend that you book a course of treatments rather than coming in ad hoc.